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MitRaKSh India Private Limited is the fastest growing affiliate network connected with global publishers and Ad-tech companies. We cater clients globally by providing end to end Digital Marketing Agency solutions designed to deliver highest ROI by deploying efficient campaigns, execution and optimisation with an acute focus on fraud prevention which helps marketers win.

MIPL is a premium ad-network
Why Choose US/ why join us
(Let’s grow/ Build) your Mobile performance campaigns.
We (deliver/give you) new installs for your app on iOS and Android. (Platform %) Android- 60%, IOS- 40%
Pay only when a user installs your app.
Reach users who are truely passionate about your app.
Pay only when a user reaches a certain point in your app.
Based solely on qualifying actions such as sales or registrations.
An individual expressed interest in your product or service by completing a goal.
Easy Integration
How we do it
We do for our clients.
We are integrated with fraud detection tools ensure that you get the cleanest traffic that converts and retains users better. Over time, we also optimize the campaigns to ensure user engagement and satisfaction.
Here is a breakdown of our traffic sources –
1. In-app inventory (50%)
2. Media buying via DSP’s (30%)
3. Programmatic ad buying (15%)
4. Affiliation (5%)

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